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5 Tips for Designing Your Website to Serve Every Customer Individually

By: entrepreneur.com – Zach Cutler

Current research shows that 40 percent of consumers buy more from retailers who personalize their shopping experience across channels. Additionally, nearly three in four, or 74 percent, of online consumers get frustrated with websites when the content that’s displayed has nothing to do with their interests. It is clear that a personalized website is an advantage to every marketer or entrepreneur leading a successful business today.

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5 Important Reasons to Redesign Your Website

By: Ian MillsHuffington Post

Technology and design styles change quickly and so too can the focus of your business. It is important that your website remains current with these changes and that your business is getting the most out of the new online opportunities that are available. Sometimes there can be a reluctance to outlay the expense of a new website design; however, if done well, redesigning your website can be a high return on investment.

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